Make a cart for a welding / plasma cutter

by | 30 Jan 2021

In order to have a well organized and tidy workshop, it is essential to put your welding station and/or your plasma cutting station on wheels. That's why I decided to build a cart. Especially since their price is quite high in the trade... My cart is able to support two machines and a 2,3m^3 gas cylinder.

To build this cart, I used 20×20 square tube steel in 2mm thickness. This is enough for this kind of construction, no need to use more. To make this cart, I needed 6 meters of tube. To make the surfaces, I used 1.5mm thick steel sheet.

Here is the structure plan:


In the plans, I had planned to make round tube renfond arms (item numbers 6 and 7: "pipe") but I finally decided to make them in square tube. The length remains the same.

The lengths shown in the table are the maximum lengths, from edge to edge. Remember that all ends are cut at 45 degrees, to achieve a clean assembly.

The wheels I used are these:

Here is a 3D rendering of the cart:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!