Build your own racing drone!

by | 12 Feb 2017

Since I built this drone, my pleasure of flying has increased tenfold. This type of drone has nothing to do with a phantom 4. They have completely different uses. If you love to fly, switch to this type of machine, you will not regret it...

A picture is worth a thousand words... (We love you dji pilots, you still make great shots!)

Are you ready for takeoff ? Then let's go, we will build our F16 !

Here are all the components you will need:
Engines : 4×11.5€ : 46
ESC : 41.73
Video transmitter: 10.21€.
Antennas: 2×3.4€.
Soft propellers: 5.84€.
HARD propellers: 5.84€.
Frame 250 : 23.84
Flight controller : 13.62€ (in French)
Regulation card: 3.4€.
Runcam : 24.06
3S battery : 14.47€.

TOTAL : 195.91€ (not expensive for a drone of this quality!)

With this, you only need the receiver that goes with your radio, and the drone is theoretically functional.

If you do not have a video receiver, take this pack which includes video receiver and transmitter.

To protect your transmitter I advise you to put an extension cable between it and the antenna. It doesn't cost much, here is the one you can take: Extension. Be sure to use the connector compatible with the transmitter, i.e. the RP-SMA connector.

And here it is the 4S battery that will allow you to exceed 100km/h! (In theory)

Your drone works theoretically, but for the assembly it will not be a pleasure if you do not have these other essential components:
Heat-shrinkable tubing :4.8
Screws : 5.95€ (french)

Then to protect your engines, there are special protections. The collars will of course be indispensable.

That's all you need!

If you don't have a radio controller yet, you will have to buy one. This little drone uses only 6 channels but I advise you to take more channels on your radio. You will avoid regretting it later! For my part I have a spektrum 8 channels, but I find that 8, it is limit ! It's up to you to do your research!

Here I hope I helped you in the construction of your F16, you will not be disappointed I guarantee it!

However, if you want to buy your drone and not build it, here is a guide that will help you find the right one: here

PS: I made a video to present my drone in the meantime, I leave it here :