Build your own CNC plasma cutter at home in 1 month

What is a plasma cutter used for?

A plasma cutter allows you to create parts in a digital. It is not you who works, it is the machine!

With a plasma cutter, drilling and cutting metal becomes child's play

This machine allows you to do many things, and much more easily. No more need to spend of hours to work with metal, the machine is very complete and can do everything herself.


All that can be manufactured with this kind of cnc machine

A plasma cutter can both machine parts mechanicalbut also pieces of decorations.

You will be able to share your creations with others, or why not, make a business out of it! 💰

But building a plasma machine is not that simple

The electromagnetic disturbances, it's a mess...

Electromagnetic disturbances created by the plasma arc during the cutting process are the invisible enemies manufacturers of cnc plasma cutters.⚠️ It is essential to take them into account when creation of his machine.

These disturbances can disturb the proper functioning of the cnc machine, or worse, damage the machine in a way that irreversible electronics. 💥

Despite this challenge, I went ahead and designed my plasma cutter myself, starting from scratch.

The plasma cutter designed by Izifac

A simple but highly efficient machine


The construction videos of the cnc plasma machine

I built the cnc plasma cutter on video. You can find the 5 episodes of the construction here :

Épisode 1 : Le chassis

Épisode 2 : La mécanique

Épisode 3 : Le câblage

Épisode 4 : Le THC

Épisode 5 : La table

Some characteristics of the 3 axis cnc

Work table


Machinable materials

Any conductive material: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, ...

Construction price

From 1800 to 2000 €.

A machine designed to adapt to your needs

Need a machine bigger, wider than the one proposed by Izifac? No problem! The machine has been designed to be easily adaptable.

For extend itYou will only need to add tables one after the other. For expand itYou will have to walk along the table and the gantry.

To make these changes, you will not have to touch the mechanics. Everything has been thought to be the most simple possible.

You want to build your own cnc plasma cutter?

Izifac offers you its guide


The guide to help you build your cnc plasma cutter

In this 100-page guide, I explain step by step how to reproduce my cnc or make your own.

It contains information that cannot be found anywhere else, based on my experience and research.

In this guide you will find all the information I needed to build my cnc, but not only! I help you to choose the right components according to your project and your budget.

You will also find chapters dedicated to the configuration of the software, the realization of parts, in short all that it is necessary to know to use the machine correctly.

It's like having a expert at your side which accompanies you at every stage of construction and use.

And you don't need to be equipped from head to toe! I will simplifies the task by giving you the pdf drawings of the parts.



More than a guide, a help throughout your project

This guide has been designed to respond in a way that complete to all the questions you might have.

Still have questions? Do you want an opinion on your machine? Please contact me! I will respond as soon as possible so that you can continue to work on your project. 👌

By purchasing this guide, you are assured of receiving real support. You will never be alone.

All the steps of construction will be explained to you, from the installation of the first screwto the cutting of your first piece !

Ready to transform your workshop? 😃

The guide gives you a guarantee on the functioning of your machine

The objective of Izifac is to allow you to build your machine as much as possible quicklythe most fluidlyand taking the least amount of risk possible. ✔️ All the steps of construction and use will be explained to you so that you don't have to research and test several different methods.

We know that there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a problem that we don't know how to solve. The project drags on and nothing moves forward. And this can last months... 🥺 Avoid all this by being guided through the construction of your machine. During the construction of the izifac machine, I overcame many difficulties. I now know how to avoid them and I share all this information with you in the guide. 👌

If there are any steps in the construction process that scare you, such as wiring, Izifac has it covered. simplified to the maximum. The wiring can be done by someone who does not have any knowledge of electronics.

Before I present the full program, I suggest you make sure it is right for you.

✔️ DONE IF...

    • You find the cnc kit too expensive and/or are afraid that it will not meet your needs.
    • You know how to handle the jigsaw, the drill and the soldering iron.
    • You are curious, you want to learn new things.
    • You have a lot of projects in your head that are just waiting for a plasma cutter to bring them to life.
    • You think your time and money are important and you don't want to waste them.



    • You don't want to invest money in a guide: you prefer to do it yourself.
    • There's still the label on your toolbox: you need a minimum of DIY knowledge to use this guide.
    • You don't have time to invest in building your cnc plasma cutter.
    • You're still confident that your two hands will do the job better than a plasma cutter.

    Presentation of the different modules of the guide


    Module 1


    • My cnc plasma cutter
    • How to read this guide
    • Some points to know

    Module 2

    The prerequisites

    • The material to have at your disposal
    • Optional equipment to have

    Module 3

    The components

    • The materials of our work table
    • The guide rails
    • Motors and their controllers
    • Transmission methods
    • Electronics
    • The Plasma station
    • The compressor
    • The work surface
    • Laser-cut steel sheets
    • The screws

    Module 4

    The shopping list

    Module 5

    The design of a cnc

    • Define the size of your machine
    • The particularity of plasma cnc
    • You must have this skill to design your cnc
    • The theory is completely different from the practice
    • Unfeasible parts
    • Choose the height of the torch

    Module 6

    The construction of my cnc

    • Step 1: Making the structure
    • Step 2: Placement of the frame on the structure
    • Step 3: Rails and racks
    • Step 4: Preparation and assembly of the Y-arms
    • Step 5: Mounting the Z axis on its carriage
    • Step 6: Setting up the X axis

    Module 7

    Prepare the wiring

    • Cable chains
    • My mistake
    • Profiles and grommets
    • The supports of the chains
    • Installation of the Y axis limit switches
    • Installation of the floating head
    • Preparation of the electrical cabinet
    • Fixing the electrical cabinet

    Module 8

    Wiring your machine

    • Prepare the bottom sheet
    • Choose your control card
    • Screw the components to the cabinet
    • Configuring the drivers
    • Label your cables

    Module 9

    How to do a good grounding

    • My grounding: don't make the same mistakes I did
    • What is the earth?
    • What the plasma station manufacturers recommend
    • Grounding your machine
    • One more tip
    • In summary
    • The shopping list for grounding

    Module 10

    The cnc software

    • The interface
    • The work unit
    • Configure the engines
    • Configure output pins
    • Configuring the limit switches

    Module 11


    • The different types of THC
    • The conditions of operation of THC
    • Should you buy or make your own THC?
    • My THC arduino
    • Connecting your plasma station to THC
    • The different models of THC
    • Connecting the THC to the control board

    Module 12

    Generate a cutting file

    • The necessary software
    • Create a file without modeling software
    • What is a g-code file
    • How to create a g-code file
    • Learning Fusion 360

    Module 13

    Determine the settings of your cnc

    • The amperage of the station
    • The feed speed
    • Arc voltage
    • The air flow


    Module 14

    Start cutting your first part

    • Upload file
    • Fixing the part
    • Initialize the axes
    • Launch the machine


    Module 15

    Making the table

    Module 16

    Transforming your cnc


    Module 17

    Upcoming updates

    • Bin for collecting chips
    • Centralized vacuuming

    Module 18

    The personal protective equipment


    Module 19



    BONUS 🥳

    As a bonus, learn to mount a laser on your machine to cut or engrave wood, cardboard and paper. This bonus includes:

    • The laser wiring
    • Software configuration
    • The creation of engraving files
    • The cutting settings

    Here are the opinions of those who have followed the guide

    They are in the best position to talk about it


    Benoit D.

    This guide is a gold mine of a forecast worthy of an assembly manual with all the information that it is the electro or the table or the profiles etc. etc. bravo to you for this work which took time to be finished and edited!

    Here is his opinion in video ->


    Francois B.

    Hello to all I wanted to tell you first that the guide is very well written and it is very well detailed especially the mechanical part so you have provided us with all the detailed plans more for the electrical part a part that block me to achieve my project I found all the answers to my questions (software, motherboard, motor, thc) again thank you to you


    Romuald R.

    This guide is beyond my expectations it includes in detail all the elements to build are cnc plasma cutter, from the reflection, through the detailed and thoughtful choice of materials and components, goes of course through the manufacture with the plans of the parts provided as well as the shopping list, then by the setting of mach 3, the design of a part with 360 fusion and many other information. This guide is a marvel because even with hours and hours of research on the internet you can't find everything in it. A must for a DIY plasma cutter project

    Here is his opinion in video ->


    Mathieu M.

    This guide is well constructed, clear and understandable. It comes with shopping lists and well made plans. And above all it is followed by its author who improves it regularly! Super guide👍


    Arnaud D.

    Complete guide for a good handyman, beginner in electronics, I will be inspired by it and modify some details, I will make a return once my project is finished.


    Alexandre R.

    The guide is very well explained, clear and precise. I just have trouble finding my way around the costs, I think that a detailed list of all the costs would be good to find your way around. Strengths: The principle of operation, a very good explanation of the subject and a great freedom of construction according to our needs and our means.


    Laurent-Philippe P.

    I started to "tinker" with agricultural and forestry machines in my parents' garage at the age of 15. I made it my profession but I was always held back in the metallurgical field by the fact that I could not acquire a digital cutting machine. After a 22-year career with a manufacturer, I created my own company 2 years ago and I have been actively looking for digital cutting equipment ever since. It is really the essential tool for the repair and the metal construction. For some time now, you can find affordable machines on the market, but they often have rather low capacities. When I started to read the guide, I found it so relevant that I had the strange feeling that it was written only for me. I now have the answers to all the questions I have been asking for a long time, including the plasma generator. I am planning to build a table that can handle 1250×2500 sheets up to 20mm thick. This tool will multiply by 10 my perspectives at the technical level and will allow me to quickly reach objectives that I would not have imagined a few weeks ago. For me the important thing is not to participate in the contest but to show my gratitude to IZIFAC. PS: A next project for the creation of a press brake would suit me very well!


    Maxime B.

    I'm really glad I invested in this guide to create my own plasma cutter! It is really very well detailed. The list of parts to buy and their link is really a plus it really helps to see more clearly!
    The plans and drawings are very clear and easy to interpret (even for a novice) Both mechanical and electronic (the biggest pet peeve of many buyers of the guide in my opinion ... including the famous THC) there are also explanations for the use of the said machine with example.
    As a companion to the videos on the channel, this is really the best guide or tutorial I've ever seen...
    And on top of that it is updated and without having to hand over the wallet even more!
    Moreover its price is really a great value for money (clear, and easy to use, and the list of parts, without forgetting) a sacred saving of time of research and knots to the brains for the one who begins in the world of the plasma CNC.


    Pedro V.

    This is a bedside book that will allow me to realize a childhood dream. When you read it, you realize that it is very detailed and complete. I have all the keys I needed to move on to construction. The most of this booklet, whether you are a beginner or an experienced builder, you have all the choices you need to build and most importantly to understand. I can't wait to get started. A big thank you


    Antoine R.

    I think this guide is good. Indeed it is well detailed and explains all the steps to make your own plasma cnc. I still have some questions about the precision of the cut which depends on the cutting station, that's why I will add to the guide photos or videos of cut parts. Moreover I will add a part on the possibility of increasing the size of the table with all the elements dimensioned for a table which accepts sheets of 2 by 3. Or 1.5 /3. For a non initiate it is complicated to know if the motors (and the piloting organs) are dimensioned for a larger table. I'm still very satisfied with this guide. You have done a great job, congratulations, keep it up.

    Here are the opinions of those who have followed the guide

    And here are their machines

    Alain's machine

    Romain's machine

    Arnaud's machine


    Devrig's machine


    30-day money back guarantee

    You ordered the guide and you are not satisfied? The Izifac guarantee will reimburse you within 30 days of your purchase.

    Our goal is to help you build your machine, not to fill your closets.

    We are convinced that you will find important information for the construction of your plasma cutter.


    Frequently asked questions

    In what format is the guide available?

    For the moment this guide does not exist in paper format, it is only available in downloadable pdf. When you buy, an email will be sent to your email address, it will contain the link to download the guide.

    The guide is in a compressed ".zip" file, it will be necessary to decompress it before having access to its content. In the unzipped file you will find the guide but also the 2D drawings of the parts in DXF and PDF format, STL files, and other useful files.

    Why have a cnc in your workshop?

    The CNC machine is able to cut precisely all conductive materials. It will allow you to obtain much cleaner and more precise parts than those you could make with your hands.

    Why build your own cnc?

    To be proud of yourself first! This cnc will serve you to bring all your projects to life easily and effortlessly. Of course, it is possible to buy a cnc cutter in kit form on the internet, but it may not fit your needs. 

    Building your own cnc means having a high-performance, reliable machine at a lower price. But that's not all! You will understand how it works and will be able to improve your cnc.

    How long does it take to build a cnc?

    Count on approximately 1 month to build your cnc. This is an estimate and does not take into account the delivery time of the parts. During the construction of my cnc, I always received the parts rather quickly. In this guide, you will find links to the partners and merchants from whom I ordered the different parts that were used to build my cnc.

    How accurate is the cnc plasma cutter shown in the guide?

     The mechanics of the plasma cutter is accurate to a tenth of a millimeter, or 0.1mm. However, the precision of your parts will depend mainly on your settings and your plasma station. 

    What material can it machine?

    This plasma cnc is capable of cutting all conductive materials: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, ...

    What is the size of the cnc machine shown in the guide?

    My 3-axis cnc machine has a work table with dimensions of 1250 x 850 mm. It will therefore be able to accommodate standard 1250×2500 mm sheets (they will only need to be cut to length to be placed on the machine table).

    Is it possible to enlarge the cnc table?

    Yes, it is quite possible to adapt the dimensions of the cnc to perfectly fit your needs. The izifac plasma cutter has been designed to be easily adjustable!

    For extend itYou will only need to add tables one after the other. For expand itThe table and the gantry will have to be extended.

    To make these changes, you will not have to touch the mechanics. Everything has been thought to be the most simple possible.

    Is it necessary to know how to model to build a cnc?

    If you decide to replicate my cnc or to give other dimensions to your cnc, no modeling skills are required since I provide you with all the plans. The modification of the dimensions of the machine is done without software! 

    Where to buy the parts?

    In the guide, I give you all the links of the partners and merchant sites where I bought my parts to save you time.

    Do I need a 3D printer?

    Not necessarily. I can print the parts needed to build my cnc for you here.

    What is the budget to reproduce my cnc?

    Expect a budget of between 1,800 and 2,000 euros including the plasma set. This price difference is explained by the origin of the parts. Parts from China are cheaper. You are free to order them wherever you want. In this guide, I give you my own experience to enlighten you.

    You still have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact me by mail or by facebookI will make myself a pleasure to answer you as soon as possible!